Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekly Update - 22.03.10 - 28.03.10


Squad x 3

An alarm malfunction on Monday meant a pretty short swim session, was still a bit stiff from the Half so it wasn't such a biggie. I was starting work at 8am this week in Highbrook so had to sacrifice a little bit of swimming for the week but I figured since it was only for the week it shouldn't matter too much. I have decided that either the people in my lane either warm up too fast or else it takes me a long time to warm up at the beginning of the session because I seem to struggle the most to keep up in the warm up. I had to swim in the lane below for a bit when I got in late on Monday and the difference in speed between lane 2 and 3 is huge. I barely even had to kick in lane 2 to keep up because it was so slow then when I moved up to lane 3 I got dropped when I had paddles on. So think I need a lane 2.5... Or I just need to learn how to swim faster.


Time: 7hrs21
Distance: 183
Boyfriends: 2

The weekday rides were pretty lax, in a bit of lazy mode this week. Managed to get out into the Whitford hills for an hour or so while I had a break at work and got rained on!!! Haven't been rained on for a very long time so it was a bit of a shock to the system, and really not very fun having to pull on wet lycra for the ride home..
Did a club TT on Saturday which was 25km. There was a HUGE headwind on the way out (I was struggling to get it above 30kph) and so an awesome tailwind on the way back. I came about midfield which I thought was ok especially since I was competing against actual cyclists... And my power was not too bad as well. And I got to stop on the way out there at the Tran Bakery in Drury to get the BEST custard twist in the world so all in all a good day :)


Time: 1hr47
Distance: ~24.5km

Longest run this week was only 35mins, just taking it easy after the half so will start to do a few longer runs (60mins+) after next week. The next run focus will be the Huntly Half Marathon in May which I did about 1hr29 last year after I had completely lost my mojo after IMNZ. So will be looking to improve on that time. Hopefully won't be too hard to do.

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