Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Jo says thank you

So after 4 months of first hopping then limping then walking then aqua running and then finally jogging I think my stress fracture has actually healed. I had hoped to come back to running completely painfree but it took a couple of weeks before I could run with no pain at all, and even now I am still getting the odd pain when I run. But I think now I'm at the stage that I can start not thinking about it so much and get on with being a proper triathlete again.
So to cut a long story short and would like to thank everyone for being so supportive during the last four months and for showing an interest in my injury (even if you weren't that interested) and for putting up with any rants or general non-running narkiness I may have been emanating.
Special thanks must go to Lesley who was my right hand-lady in Hawaii while I was on crutches and couldn't carry my own bags or my own bowl of clam chowder from the ABC store. Thanks Lesbo you're a star :)

Time to move on

Look out world here comes JO!!

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