Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Post Ironman Slothing

High two's all round
I have been in hiding since Ironman.  Actually not really but I have been a bit lazy.
I had 2 weeks off running and have since then been fighting an upper hamstring problem (an actual pain in  the bum) which was there before Ironman but conveniently disappeared a few weeks before. Not a major problem but just means I haven't been able to progress from about 25km per week so my short lived plans to do Huntly Half Marathon were quickly put on the kibosh.
We have been swimming since the week after Ironman but it has lost some of it's enjoyment (not that there is ever much enjoyment) since our coaches have implemented a new fascist regime.
And we have started to do a few longer rides in the weekend but have done a lot of pootling and sleeping in when we should be riding.  The wind trainers have been dusted off though and I am looking forward to participating in the TrainerRoad Tour of California event starting at the end of the week.
In an attempt to overcome my Post Ironman Depression I have been planning a trip to the USA for us at the end of May (an actual holiday with no bikes - OMG), 22 days to go!
Here are some photos in reverse order.

I fell

Fancy garage wall art

Mr Black has conquered the fence

Before the run home got dark

Remember the time we were all in France?

My new garden


We went to a wedding (two actually) and got pissed

Post IM treats

PC's surveying their domain

I got a cookie in the mail