Monday, August 24, 2015

Hibernating for Winter

So it looks like I have pretty much just skipped through winter but I have actually been quite busy training for a new event - a wedding! That's right, I will no longer be a Bridget Jones - phew.
I have discovered that I am an anti-bride (although I always had a feeling that would be the case) but even planning a teeny-tiny wedding takes a bit of time.
Here is a quick month by month recap:

Our much anticipated USA trip - Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Route 66, Las Vegas and Hawaii, good times all round topped off with an engagement on Waikiki Beach - doesn't get much better than that! Yosemite was a highlight, we did a bit of hiking and running in some amazing scenery and slept in a bear proof tent cabin.  Running on the Las Vegas Strip was a bit of an experience as well.
Came home full of enthusiasm for treadmill running after using hotel treadmills so bought one for ourselves.
Yosemite we love you


More Yosemite 
Death Valley

Big respect for all the Badwater 135 runners, I could barely walk form the car to here

Vegas baby

The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon and wildlife (and Jared)

The bright lights of Vegas

Long live the buffet

The blue skies and white sands of Hawaii

The month of the deathly illness.  Someone came to work with a horrible cold and it spread through the office like a wildfire.  It was just a cold not flu but it was a bad one and took me out for a couple of weeks.  Jared contracted it too but to a lesser extent.  Once that was over training resumed as normal depending on weather.  We had a burst of enthusiasm at one point and planned to ride around K2 at the end of August but fortunately that plan got vetoed after Nick contracted a much more severe deathly illness and wasn't going to up to it.  I was quite relieved because we had only managed one long ride of just under 4 hours which would have made a 200km quite painful.  The weather was really quite crap most of the time so we spent a bit of time on the windtrainers.
Once I was well again I resumed my weekly long runs home from work and even managed to score myself a running partner - we discuss our impending weddings and solve the problems of Auckland transport.
A rather chilly ride

Starting to get desperate

Yoga time at the zoo

The weather hasn't much improved so riding has been a bit hit and miss but running has been pretty consistent.  I should mention I got heaps of cool running gear in the USA which makes winter running much more fun.  Under Armour is huge in the States and the Las Vegas outlet store had a whole side of kids gear where I went a bit nuts.  I had a moment of enthusaism the other day while driving over the Harbour Bridge and thought I might do the Auckland Half Marathon although at $112 for the entry I became a bit less enthusiastic.
Oh and the biggest news of August is getting a new car! The Silver Bullet has been retired and replaced by the LGM (Little Grey Mazda).  The LGM does seem to be quite a bit smaller though so not as convenient for normal size bikes to fit in the back but they don't normally get transported in my car so not too much of a big deal.
Getting trendy

Cat in a box


Jared making friends