Sunday, October 12, 2014

September and October

I have had a sudden burst of enthusiasm after watching the Hawaii Ironman and thought it was time I updated my blog.  It has actually been on my radar for a while so I added it to my list of goals for the weekend:
- second coat of paint on the fence - check
- epilate legs - check
- weed garden - check
- wash and iron table runner - check
- update blog - check
As you can tell I've had a pretty productive (and exciting) weekend.
Kona spectating to the max

Trying to fix my Kona FOMO by wearing last year's Team Kiwi t-shirt.  I still had FOMO
The last couple of months have been a bit low key in the triathlon department, we are booked in for Taupo Half Ironman in mid December so no point in thrashing ourselves now especially when the weather is still a bit poo.
We had our first decent Sunday ride today in about 4 weeks because every Sunday recently has been pretty schizer and we have ended up doing pretty lame 1.5-2hr rides instead of our usual 3-4 hours. Taptap had a fatal issue a couple of weeks ago and is now taking a trip back to the US to be assessed (and hopefully replaced) so I have been riding without power which makes motivation levels a bit low.  The only spare wheel I have is my Zipp 404 so I am rolling round with that on the back which is not really ideal.  The perils of riding with 650c wheels and having no-one to borrow a wheel off.
Rolling to work in the Yellow Rubber Ducky
Swimming has been going pretty good with some decent threshold sets and I even lead my lane for the last 10 out of a set of 30 last week - OMG.

Running has been a bit stop-starty after I did the Legend Half Marathon a few weeks ago and ended up with a few issues which are hopefully now resolved.  I am laying a lot of blame on my shoes (ASICS DS Trainers) which I have learned to love (the previous model were great, latest model not so much) but have worn out very quickly which disappoints me.  So I have reverted back to the 2000's for the majority of my training and I am awaiting a delicious new yellow pair any day now so I can begin my running again with hopefully no interruptions.
Other issues which I have faced over the last weeks are alarmingly low iron levels despite taking twice daily iron tablets AND eating red meat 2-3 times per week.  So am now having course of iron injections to bump up my levels to make me human again.  Considering I have been feeling fine with almost no stored iron I can't imagine how great I will feel when I have a full load on board.  My doctor didn't appear to be interested in investigating why I haven't absorbed any iron in the last 3 months which doesn't do much to improve my faith in GP's.
Get in my backside
Stand by for more frequent updates coming into summer.
A little white friend came to stay, Hoover wasn't concerned  

We got a fancy new microwave that can roast a chicken

Arms out for the first time in a long time

Lost my spot in the bed

I saw a seal running home from work.  It's not just a log of wood I promise