Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly Update - 15.03.10 - 21.03.10


3 x squad
1 x sea swim

Total ~11.5km

Took it reasonably quiet this week with Auckland Half in the weekend and a random tummy bug/food poisoning at the start of the week, so quite a bit of spa time this week. Squad is getting a bit quiet now with the impending closure of the Teps so have only had an average of 6 in our lane as opposed to the usual 10, so a bit easier to swim without being run down by the front runners.


Time: 11hrs39
Distance: 319km

Last week working at Albany this week and with the half in the weekend decided to give the Waitaks a miss, so Tues and Thurs rides weren't too exciting just tootling around. Got back on the TT bike to get used to it again - not exactly a commuting bike but certainly got me to work and back a bit quicker and so much comfier on the aerobars than up on the road bars...


Time: 2hrs44
Distance: ~34km

Big week!!!! Just did a few short runs in the week then the half in the weekend. Leggie had been a wee bit niggly during the week but was absolutely fine during the race, the main problem being legs not used to running for that long and no fitness for it.... So will now have an easy week then will start building up endurance and try to learn how to run fast again. I probably don't need to do anything more than 80-90mins in training for the next couple of months so shouldn't be overloading it too much.

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