Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New stuff and stolen stuff

The last few weeks have had a few ups and downs...

We started out with J-Rad having a nasty crash on a straight piece of road - hitting a pothole while only having one hand on the bars.  A bit of road rash and a snapped hanger was the damage plus an aborted Sunday ride.
Onto the next week and I bought a new bike! 6 minutes quicker at IMNZ here I come! It hasn't made it's first outing yet, just waiting on some parts so standby for the big unveiling...

Then my car was broken into - goodbye running shoes, iPod, Gayman, favourite white Oakleys, Alp d'Huez triathlon backpack, sweaty running gear, wet swimming togs and towel and old favourite goggles. Sad face.  I would have preferred for them to look through my car and realize that they didn't actually want stinky running shoes or wet togs and leave those things behind because I'm sure they would have biffed them once they opened up the bags anyway.
Thank goodness for insurance, I will hopefully get everything back in some form but it is a pain in the arse and I am a bit nervous about running in my back up orthotics until my new ones have been made.
I am looking at replacing my Gayman Forerunner110 with the new Garmin Forerunner 10 but will see what insurance come up with.

Then we had a lovely ride around the K2 course in Coromandel with the A team on a super nice day.  The A team consisted of the Rockstar, the Seal, the Hammer, the Poodle and the Tadpole.  No, we are not immature or anything and like to give everyone names...  K2 is a bit of a farce not actually being 200km but was still my longest ride ever of 193.5km.  There was a slight Tadplosion with about 10km to go but I pulled myself together and made it home to the chips, coke and SPA!
The A Team Bicycle Gang rolling around Matarangi
So now we are knocking on the door of this years triathlon season with Stroke and Stride starting this week and my first triathlon of the season in a couple of weekend's time.
Swimming has been going ok despite the loss of my new togs and favourite goggles.  I am trying to make an effort not to piss around at swimming and not be the last in and it is having mixed results.
Riding has been pretty solid and I have been good at following my program which is a good start.  I will be very keen to see what happens to my riding once my new bike is up and running.  The bike came with race wheels and I will be able to resurrect my wheel cover to convert the rear wheel to a disc which I am unable to use with RooRoo due to the curved in chainstays.  So I am looking forward to mixing it amongst the grown ups with a decent bike and race wheels - yeah!
Running has been a bit of a struggle and the theft of my shoes and orthotics coincided with me needing a bit of a running hiatus.  Basically my legs felt overworked and underpaid.  So a week off running and a couple of massages have hopefully done the trick, I did make a return to the O'Hagan's 5km before my hiatus and managed to knock out a time starting with 18 which is always good.
I happened to ordered a couple of pairs of shoes a few weeks ago - I was feeling very smug about having my next pair of training shoes all lined up then my current ones got stolen so the new ones became it, but I also got a pair of DS Racers so I am all shoed up.
Hello new shoes

Al Fresco BBQing

Perfectly separated food items and a personalized drink - it doesn't get much better than that.