Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekly Update - 01.03.10 - 07.03.10


Squad x 3


Back to the usual 3 swim per week thank goodness. Nothing too exciting this week, we were supposed to do a 1500m TT but the lane was a bit full so this got changed to 15x100m on a reasonably quick interval. After the initial excitement wore off I managed to hang in there for most of it getting only 5sec or so rest, so it was a good work out.


Time: ~11hrs25
Distance: ~280km
Boyfriends: 2

Once again I didn't get to see my weekly total before my computer got cleared, whoops. A bit low on riding this weekend with the usual Saturday ride being substitued with a tootle around the Ironman course while spectating and the long Sunday ride only being 90mins. It did include a 9min hill TT, but since I hadn't done it before and had nothing to compare it to it doesn't really mean much. Next week I will attempt a double Waitak ride over to work and back.
We had some very sad news this week - our weekly waterfront TT will be no more at the end of March. AvantiPlus run it and they have decided to give it up to put more time into the MTB community but hopefully someone else will continue it for us. So I will have at least one more go at it next weekend and hopefully can end on a high note.

Its not called Scenic Drive for nothing


Time: 1hr55
Distance: 24km

Managed a 51min run this weekend, leg was a bit achey but overall pretty good. We ran on the track from Spa Park in Taupo to Huka Falls and beyond, and it is quite hilly - lots of short sharp hills. Clearly my legs are unaccustomed to this type of terrain because I had some pretty serious quad DOMS the next day from the downhill. Just another little reality check to remind me that I'm still getting my running form back and am not awesome just yet ;)
Made my O'Hagan's 5km comeback this week. One of the pubs (O'Hagan's) in the viaduct put on a 5km run every Tuesday which I haven't done since before Kona. Thought I would go and see where I'm at, was careful not to go flatout just uptempo. Managed to run 19.50, I had hoped for sub 20 so that was all good. I have a long way to go to get back to my 17.50 PB shape but its a start.

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