Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekly Update - 29.03.10 - 04.04.10


Squad x 2
Sea swim x 1


Easter meant that we lost a squad this week so went for a nice pootle around the yellow buoys at Takapuna. Some of the lane 4'ers were doing a swim from Devonport to Takapuna (about 6-7km) but didn't think it was in my best interests to attempt that so decided to stick just to Takapuna. Some women in the changing room freaked me out and said that the water had turned really cold and they were freezing after their 45min swim. I hadn't counted on super cold water and happened to have my pointzero-muppet suit in with my wetsuit so decided to double up to keep warm. As I was walking into the water I realized it couldn't be any colder than Wanaka and it wasn't. In fact it wasn't any colder than Auckland half or the People's Tri a few weeks ago so don't know what those women were on about. Nonetheless I had a nice swim, don't think I broke any speed records, but learnt that a swimskin under a wetsuit is reasonably comfortable if necessary.


Time: 10hrs 39
Distance: 266km

A bit disrupted this week with a new job starting at 7am (!) on my usual riding mornings so a bit of reorganizing required since I will be doing that for another 4 weeks. I have a bit of a new approach to riding leading up to my next race in June, more like quality over quantity, so may see a reduction in time and distance for the week but hopefully will see an overall increase in power.
With my new working situation I have been able to get out during the day a bit so often have all the roads in Whitford to myself.

The downfall of commuting to work by bike is when my system fails me and I need to bring something home on a day that I haven't brought my backpack. So a bit of creativity was needed this week to bring my book home to read over Easter and since it wouldn't fit into my pockets I had to call on my strapping skills to find a way. Only a little bit of scrapage against my knees but overall worked pretty well.


Time: 2hrs42
Distance: ~34km

Made my second comeback at O'Hagan's this week and managed to knock out a 19.07, I was definitely trying harder than when did it a few weeks ago but it was also a lot windier. I haven't done any form of speed work (not that I usually do) but I think just a bit of extra running in my legs helped to go a bit faster.
My long run (64mins) was done in Cambridge with the Poo-Paraders and what a sufferfest for me. I was suffering bigtime from about the 35min mark, I don't have the fitness to run at a decent pace for any longer than that. But I toughed it out and made it to the end but was pretty wasted afterwards. Suffering like that is what will get me fit again so guess I will have a bit more to look forward to.

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