Sunday, November 6, 2011

Big Jo training Oct 24 - Nov 6

Opps getting a bit erratic with my updates. I promise to be better...


Missed a swim last week with Monday being a public holiday but made up for it with a 6.7km swim the next Monday. I was actually aiming for 6.5km but 33.3m pools are so confusing and it's so hard to count and swim... Am trying to settle into a 7km with squad/6km solo/just squad 3 week cycle for Mondays so I get my long stuff in.  Luckily the days are getting warmer so the pool seems less arctic.


Last week was big (~15hrs), this week not so much (~9hrs).  I started joining the Saturday 2-lap group to do a longer ride in lieu of a long run until my running is back on hence the 15hr week.
We rode a lap of the Auckland World Cup race which is on on the 20th of November and oh my! They are all roads that I am pretty familiar with thank goodness because some of the descents with sharp corners at the bottom would not be pretty for people who are not from around here.  I think there could be a bit of carnage if it is wet... It is a pretty hilly course so should be quite Jo-friendly hopefully.
RooRoo squared

The SC Rainmaker testing out the World Cup course

I'm back! Started doing a couple of short runs last weekend and it was slightly iffy but thought it would be ok to continue and it seems to have gotten better with each run - woo hoo! So I got up to 5km on Saturday with no problems and even backed it up with a 2km run off the bike on Sunday.  So my new Gayman is finally getting some use and all the pool running and elipticalling I did must have worked because so far the Gayman is telling me mostly 1km splits starting with a 4.

Oh the excitement of lunchtime in my world

Cat in a Box

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