Friday, November 25, 2011

Auckland Tri Race Report

This wasn't my best result and wasn't an A race so will do a picture report...
J-Rad and Nick sharing a pre-race moment

Jess hitting up Sarah about wearing the same wetsuit as her

Neilio and Alistair being fab supporters

Lou leading her wave out to battle

Far right. With a stroke like that how come I was so slow?!

Hello RooRoo

Up Gladstone

Jared Razzle big bottom

Sneaky Kezzle tucked in behind Haymey

One man pain train

It runs!

It can run well after a 30min puncture stop

10km got me to about here - someone measured the course well...

Our hero Garth


  1. Hi, I was just searching around on the net for some info on stress fractures when I stumbled across your blog. About 8 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a grade 2 posterior tibial sfx and I just wanted to ask a few questions.
    Mine was a tricky one, it never hurt to walk and I raced on it for several months, it was just like bad muscle pain that never went away. Now I am trying to return to running but I have no idea which pain is real or which pain to ignore. How long did yours take to be 100% better and did it hurt while walking?
    Thanks so much

  2. Hi Stan,
    Sorry I only just saw this message now. Posterior tibial stress fractures are a subject very dear to my heart... and not so common from what I could find. Mine started off as a weird pain which I couldn't put my finger on around the back of my calf. Sometimes it was sore with walking but only once it was a bit more developed and I was trying to ignore it. I ran on it at Kona and the funny thing was that it didn't hurt at all for about the first 21km whereas it was usually sore as soon as I started running. But by 33km of the run it was so bad I couldn't even walk anymore and had to get carried off the course. I was then on crutches for about 4 weeks and couldn't run for 4 months. Even when I started back running it still didn't feel 100% but didn't get worse so I kept going. It was probably about a month before it felt normal to run on.
    I am now quite experienced with stress fractures and always find it hard returning to running because my brain tries to play tricks on me and I sometimes think there is pain when often there isn't. I also think that it is normal to expect a bit of pain when you first start back but if it is getting worse or you can feel pain when you are not running then you have started back too soon.
    Hope this helps!