Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Jo training Nov 7 - Nov 13



Another fun 6km set, this time I did 3x (10x100m), 3x (10x66m), 3x (10x33m) with a mixture of no gear, paddles, and paddles and fins. Exciting eh.
Next week is supposed to be a squad only Monday then 7km the following Monday but with the Auckland race on in the weekend I can't imagine I'll want do a long swim the next day so I will swap them around.


Time: 10hrs34
Distance: 273km

A bit of time spent in the hurtbox on the Sunday ride with His Royness and the ninjas but nice to be out riding in the sun.  Pretty unremarkable week on the bike to be honest... We rode another lap of the Auckland World Cup course and it it still hilly with sharp corners but hopefully won't be wet and slippery.


Time: 1hr18
Distance: 15.66km

Baby steps... 3 out of the 4 runs were good, one run I started and leggy was not good so I turned around and walked home after 3mins (how sensible was that?!).  It was a bit random because the other runs were pretty good, a bit fragile but all good.  I got a bit carried away on my Saturday 'long' run and ran 7.75km woo! Only have to do another 2.25km next weekend...

Roll on next weekend, looking forward to pulling on some lycra, oh yeh...

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