Monday, November 21, 2011

Big Jo training Nov 14 - Nov 20



7km long swim this week!! I did my pre-squad 800m or so and as I was approaching the end I noticed that no-one had got in for squad and more importantly the lane ropes were closing in on me until it was only about Jo-width.  The swim coach had decided to forgo the lane ropes and do some kind of open water swimming practice which involved swimming in zigzags all over the place and beating each other up swimming in circles.  As fun as it was I was very agitated not being able to keep track of my distance so I abandoned the squad and made an impromptu program to get me to what I think was about 7km.
Did 1500m the Kohi Swim Series on Thursday which involved a bit of wading through the water as the tide was a bit low, I was only a bit outside of my goal time and thought without the water wading I would have been a bit quicker so had high hopes for the race in the weekend.  Oh how wrong I was.

To walk or to swim? Lucky my arms are short so I can usually swim the furtherest (?) before beaching myself

Not a big week on the bike with some shorter rides towards the end of the week due to the Auckland Tri and obviously no long ride on Sunday.  Nothing much to report here really.


Only ended up doing one run during the week of a bit over 4km and then a brisk trot on Saturday which involved some uptempo work which nearly killed me.  I didn't get the memo that the 2nd km was uptempo and wondered why the pace was so hot.  We then did an easy km and then one last uptempo which I clocked 4.05 for and thought I was going to die.  The head wind didn't really helpGiven my time off running I wasn't surprised that running uptempo hurt (my entire body not my shin) but was able to see that it wasn't going to be a fast 10km the next day.

Brief Auckland Tri race report to come...

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