Sunday, December 4, 2011

Big Jo training Nov 21 - Dec 3


After my sloth-like swim at the Auckland Tri I have been at a bit of a loss over what to do with my swimming.  I seem to be swimming better in the pool but had such a slow swim at the race that I don't know what to think and I certainly don't want to be floundering around doing 7km sets in the pool if it's not helping.  Over the last two weeks I did Stroke and Stride and the Kohi Summer Swim series which pretty average results but not as bad as the Auckland race.  So I have decided that the true test will be at Taupo Half next weekend - if I swim slower than 33-34mins then I will definitely have to change my tack.  Oh you sub 60min Ironman swimmers don't know how lucky you are...


~11hrs and 270km per week for the last 2 weeks which was good.  Had a pretty solid Hour of Power last weekend and was reasonably sizzled afterwards. 
I was in the closing stages of a 20min effort the other day and Kezzle and J hyphen Razzell were tootling behind me waiting for me to finish, I passed some guy who immediately jumped on my wheel.  He said to Kezzle "wow she's a rocket, I bet she doesn't like me sitting on my wheel" to which Kezzle replied "no she doesn't" so what did he do? He continued to sit on my wheel, by then Jared had come up beside me and alerted me that I had a cling-on and to drop him so this guy was busting his arse to stay there. WTF is wrong with these people?!! If someone passes you let them pass you!! ARRRGGHH!!!
Post training feast.  What a non-broken eats to keep themself non-broken


I am still reveling in the fact that I can actually run, it's pretty exciting.  I did an hour last weekend and 1hr10this weekend and seem to have slotted right back into my pre-leggie issue pace which is good.  In fact my long run yesterday was actually the fastest pace I have done on that course which was interesting.  It wasn't particularly easy but wasn't any harder at the end which was surprising.  So now I just have to pull out a 21km next weekend which may be a little bit more difficult, if I could run under 95mins I would be absolutely ecstatic.  The course is pretty flat though so fingers crossed...
In all my glory, nerdy calf sleeve and all
Our new friend Scraggle-Anne, much in need of some love and food


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