Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekly Update - 30.08.10 - 05.09.10


Squad x 2
Non-squad x 1


Nothing too exciting this week, did my 5km set on Monday and good set of 100's on Friday. Wednesday we did a bit more of body position in the water which I opted out of and just swum by myself for a while. While I think it would be helpful for me, there was just a bit too much fluffing and if I stop swimming and start floating for 10mins then I will stay cold for the rest of the session.


Forget to record my totals for the week before I left for the US but it was roughly:
300km I think....

Pretty easy week this week, long ride was only 2.5hrs although a lot of this was hanging onto our friend Kezzle-Ann's wheel as he did a 100min effort around the airport so it was quite intense at times. Commuting was pretty nasty this week with lots of rain so I was pretty glad to be finishing up and not having to deal with that for a while. In the 3 months that I have been at this job I have driven 3 times - once after I had a tummy bug and it was raining, once when I had a cold and it was raining and once a couple of weeks ago when I was just a bit over riding in the wind and rain. But overall I have been pretty good.


Time: 3hrs49
Distance: 47.5km

Finished my run training for IMMOO with a 1 mile PB on the track which was pretty exciting. I have been having a bit of a shoe dilemma recently - my lovely new Brooks Adrenalines and me don't seem to be a good match, since I've had them my calves have been tightening up with any longish runs and even on short runs I can feel them. Its not really bad but not something which is usually a problem on a day to day basis with my Adidas Supernovas. So I went for a couple of little runs in my Supernovas and while there was a bit of residual calf tightness they were pretty much fine. So I was tossing up which shoes to wear for the race but think I am going to go back to my Adias ones. I had a whole heap of retired ones which I basically replace when I think I have had them long enough but because I am pretty light they always seem to hold up quite well, so I just picked a retired pair in the best condition and took them for a little test run to make sure they were all good. When this race is done and dusted I think I will try and wean myself onto the Brooks because they control me better than the Adidas but maybe just need a bit more time to get used to them.

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