Friday, September 10, 2010

IM Wisconsin - Pre-race

So after two plane trips and a bus ride we finally arrived in Madison, Wisconsin after almost 2 days of traveling.

Rooroo getting ready for its big trip

We were lucky enough to be set up with a homestay who is an ex-Kiwi living in Madison and is doing the Ironman this year.
First impressions of Madison is that it is predominantly a uni-town with frat houses and all. We wouldn't have even known there is an Ironman on here with no signs or anything around which is a bit different to Taupo 5 days out from race day.
The bikes seemed to have traveled well despite our boxes being opened and everything being a bit disrupted, so we put them together and went for a bit of a ride the day we arrived. I was hoping for some hot weather but it was cold, grey and super windy which wasn't quite what I was expecting. But the forecast for Sunday is pretty good so heres hoping...
Its a pretty nice town especially where we are staying - very green and lots of big trees lining the streets. The roads are super smooth except for a few cracks which can make it a bit bumpy but way better than the big chip we are used to.

Leafy Madison

Check out the well-manicured lawn - they all look like that

Supermarket shopping was probably the highlight of the day given my love for processed American food. Had to hold back a bit so I don't stuff myself before raceday like I did in Kona.
Yesterday we rode the 40mile loop which we do twice on race day. Its an awesome course with heaps of rolling hills but only a couple of hills that you have to get out of the saddle for but they are all short. Not what you would call hilly compared to NZ hills.

On the bike course

Today did a little swim in the lake, luckily I didn't see any snakes which everyone has been going on about. The lake isn't exactly clean but was a good temperature and will certainly be wetsuit legal which is a relief. It all started to get a bit serious then with registering and picking up race numbers,etc. I was glad to see that I weighed in at 40.3kg so I hadn't packed on any kg's since leaving home and eating bad food which is always my fear. We then spent a bit of time at the K-Swiss tent and my dear friend Guy and the one and only Ben Harper kindly hooked me up with some super styley K-Swiss race kit to make me go extra fast on race day - thanks team!!!
Tomorrow is the Pro briefing and we will check out the rest of the bike course and then pretty much lie around and do nothing - choice.
I will check back in for a pre-race blog for those of you who are hanging on the edge on your seat... :)

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