Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chiacgo/NYC/Syracuse adventures

So I thought I would put up a little update for anyone who is interested in what I am doing post-IM in the big USA.
We left Madison the day after Ironman and caught a lift to Chicago with Sean Stringer. Sean is the world record holder for the most amount of Ironmans in one year (20 in 2009). He did this to raise money for a foundation he has set up - check it out, pretty impressive.
From Chicago we flew to NYC to stay with my friend Juliet and Stu in Manhattan. NYC was pretty overwhelming especially coming from the green pastures of Madison, Wisconsin...

The bright lights on NYC - even in daylight

But we got around quite a bit and saw most of the city in two and a half days. Managed a little trot in Central Park on the Thursday after Ironman - just planning on going out for an easy 20mins and ended up in some kind of some sprint with some man in hot pants. Its ridiculous - I can't go anywhere without picking these people up!! Also did a little swim at a local YMCA which was a bit of an ordeal just trying to find the pool in the building and having the lifeguard explain all the rules of the pool to us. Those American's and all their rules! The list of rules for Central Park is about as tall as me!!
After NYC we braved the Manhattan traffic and hired a car to drive to Syracuse in up-state New York for the 70.3. It was about a 4 hour drive all on the interstate which was pretty boring but easy driving. I even had a turn at driving which was a bit scary for everyone... But I only got beeped at once.

Lucky American's love their big giant cars

Syracuse turned out to be not quite the holiday destination that I thought it might have been... A bit run down but the swim and bike for the 70.3 were in a nice area, similar to Karapiro in NZ we decided.

Pre-race run reccy - we ran on this road for about 2mins in the race...

The race was on Sunday - I'll do a race report for it soon - and it went pretty well, the weather wasn't great at the start but it was ok by the end.
The next day we did a road trip along to Niagara to see the falls and do a quick outlet shopping trip on the way back. Niagara Falls was pretty awesome, the town not so much...

So now we are waiting at JFK airport waiting for a flight to LA then a flight to NZ then back into it!!

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