Sunday, September 12, 2010

IMMOO eve...

Less than 12 hours to go now - bike and gear is all checked in so not much more I can do except eat, sleep and stress...
Race day is looking to be perfect weather, today was rainy and foggy for the first part of the day then cleared up. Tomorrow is set is be clear and sunny and temperatures in the mid 20's, awesome.
I rode over the first part of the bike course yesterday, its pretty crazy going through bike paths and parking lots - like taking a little ticky tour around Madison... Must remember I am in a race and not out for a Sunday pootle. And transition is inside the main convention centre - weird!! Should be a bit different though.

Everything I need for an Ironman

RooRoo ready for racing amongst the foliage

T1 in the ballroom...

RooRoo racked and ready to go FAST

So now to do a few last minute things before beddy-byes and next thing I know I will be on the start line at IRONMAN - ARGH!!!!!

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  1. it was a good day to race Im moo. I did my first that day Finished 16:53:29.....