Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekly Update - 28.06.10 - 04.07.10


Non-squad x 3


Managed a 4km swim on my own this week woo hoo!! Did 4x400m, 3x300m, 2x200m and 1x100m as the main set so it wasn't too painful. Did a bit of speedwork (10x50m) on Friday which was a bit of a shock to the system as we haven't done any speed stuff since leaving the Teps. But I managed to keep up with the big kids (they were getting a wee bit more rest than me...) so it was all good.


Time: 15hrs20
Distance: 384km
Boyfriends: 1

Wow. Didn't realize I rode so much until I downloaded it all. Had a good ride on the weekend for 4 hours. I have realized I have to be a bit flexible with my long rides and just do them when the weather is looking good in the weekend. So switched my long ride to Saturday which was good because Sunday was pretty poo and I wouldn't have wanted to be out there for 4 hours. Picked up a really annoying boyfriend on Saturday who caught up to us when we stopped at the traffic lights and just sat on my wheel for a few kms no matter what I did to get rid of him. I tried riding hard but that didn't work so I slowed down completely and stopped pedaling and I could see from his shadow that he stopped pedaling too!!! Get the message man!! So after a while I put in a burst to catch back up to Jared who was up the road a bit and managed to drop him. How annoying.

Check out my styley new Hot Cycles kit.


Time: 4hrs40
Distance: ~58km

Did a few longer efforts on the track this week, not my best effort but wasn't too bad and had a long run of about 1hr45. Nothing very exciting to report.

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