Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekly Update - 12.07.10 - 18.07.10


Squad x .5...
Non-squad x 1


A bit of an epic failure on the swimming front this week. Our pool was due to be open again on Monday, we turned up and it was only half full so we were back in the kiddies pool. Unfortunately it was about 34deg and really not pleasant so decided to cut our losses and go home and watch the Tour. Wednesday I had a cold so decided to give swimming a miss and get a bit of extra sleep. Turned out to be a good move as the main pool was open but pretty arctic so squad was still in the overheated kiddies pool. By Friday I was still a bit sick but manged a 2km tootle at Newmarket so all was not completely lost... Should be back to normal next week...


Time: 14hrs16
Distance: 361km

Missed a day of riding this week with a bit of sickness plus bad weather - was only riding to work and back so no great loss. Was back to better health for the weekend so knocked out 125km with a few good hills and some good time in the aero bars.

Hello Whitford


Time: 3hrs30
Distance: ~43.8km

Missed my Wednesday track session and had to shuffle things around a bit and did my long run on Thurs instead of Sat. Wasn't feeling great so didn't go very fast and kept the heart rate down but managed to get 2hrs into the leggy bank so that was good. And no poo issues which is great news.

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