Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekly Update - 19.07.10 - 25.07.10


Squad x 2
Non-squad x 1


Back to normal on the swimming front, our main pool is back open but we are still without changing rooms which makes the dash back to the car in wet togs and towel not so fun but at least we can swim in the main pool. Had a good descending 4x400m set and a few other longish sets.


Time: 15hrs16
Distance: 379km
Boyfriends: 4

Good long ride in the weekend of a bit under 130km and it was sunny!! Perfect. Did the TT on Saturday which wasn't my best effort but better than the last time. I seem to have lost my short power mojo, power on my long rides is good but I suck at anything under 2hrs. Since I'm training for a bike which will take much longer than 2hr I'm not too concerned and I guess I can't be great all the time... ;)


Time: 4hrs48
Distance: ~59km

Quite a big week for me this week with 2hrs08 being my longest run. Can't say I'm a fan of running for over 2hrs, even over 1hr30 is a bit of a slog. But it must be done so I will have a few more 2hr+ runs leading up to Wisconsin. The next two weeks will be a bit less with Taupo half next weekend followed by a little break from running to avoid breaking myself again and then I'll be back into it with my next long run. The half in the weekend is supposedly a flat course and part of it on the Ironman run course so hopefully I'll be looking at a fast time if I don't blow myself up...

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