Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekly Update - 21.06.10 - 27.06.10


Squad x 2
Non-squad x 1


Good sessions at squad this week with a nice 500-100-500 ladder adding up to 3km which was nice and solid. Our pool is now going to be closed for 2 weeks (!) but the squad will continue in the leisure pool so we may give it a miss for 2 weeks and go back to what we were doing before in our squad-less state. They will be doing up the changing rooms where we swim now thank god because they are pretty skanky and its like walking into a freezer in the morning as they seem to have negative insulation.


Time: 11hrs26
Distance: 293km

Missed 2 days on the bike this week (shock! horror!) due to a spew bug that took me out for a couple of days and was really quite unpleasant. The rest of the week wasn't too bad, did a 2up TT on Saturday with my friend Jess who is a little person too (not quite as little but littler than most). It was 40km and we were good for the first 30km (I did have a muppet moment at the 2nd turnaround and had to unclip...) then Jess dropped her chain and had to stop to fix it so we lost a couple of minutes with that. The last 5kms were a bit sad for Jess as she experienced an internal combustion (she had been sick and hadn't ridden her bike for a couple of weeks) so we tootled to the finish.
I'm sure I saw a human skeleton on the side of the road but no-one else can back me on this.
Did a bit over 3.5hrs as my longest ride on Sunday, I was good on the uphills in the first half of the ride but absolutely sucked on the flat. I haven't been able to eat my usual amount without feeling sick since my bug so think maybe I was running low on stored fuel perhaps. Or maybe I just sucked.


Time: 1hr37
Distance: ~21km

I was planning on doing my long run on Thursday since we had the TT on Saturday but since I was sick that never happened so only did my track session and 2 x 30min runs. The first run back after being sick wasn't great but was also feeling a bit wasted from riding beforehand.
My track session was ok, didn't have anyone to run with so wasn't quite hitting the times from the week before but wasn't too far off. There was a bit of traffic on the track this week which is fine but I do think it is slightly rude to let your toddler wander all over the place when there are people actually training... grrrrrrr...

My track

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