Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekly Update - 05.07.10 - 11.07.10


Squad x 1 (ish...)
Non-squad x 2


Attempted to swim with our squad which is being held in the leisure pool, this was a bit of a failure as swimming in a 20m pool in 30deg+ water isn't much fun. To do 400m's was 20 lengths and really did my head in. Lucky I wasn't leading because counting lengths isn't really my strong point. Apparently the main pool should be open again next week.


Time: 14hrs15
Distance: 357km

Mostly good weather this week ( a wee bit cold though...) so only had one session on the dreaded windtrainer. Did the TT on Saturday and absolutely sucked. It was pretty cold and my power was about 20w off what it should have been (thats a lot for a little person). No-one was super fast so at least I wasn't alone in my sluggishness. I have been a bit slack in the TT effort department so maybe a bit more effort is needed there.
Did a Sunday ride of 120km so getting the long rides in which is good.


Time: 4hrs27
Distance: ~55km

Pretty good week aside from some pretty nasty GI issues which threatened to derail my long run. Better out than in though so once that was sorted it was all good. Had a pretty average track session but at least I ran further than the girl who was also at the track, she was there for about 2/3's of the time I was there and ran maybe 800m while I did about 5000m... I assume she was a sprinter...

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