Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekly Update - 12.04.10 - 18.04.10


Squad x 3
Non-squad x 1
Sea swim x 1


This was our last week of squad before the Teps closes for who knows how long. Had a good 25x100m threshold set on Wednesday and then a bit of a pootle and some fun relays for our last squad on Friday. Managed to fit in a squad in my private pool without having to share which is always a bonus and then did a 500m sea swim for the Peoples Tri in the weekend. That will probably be the last sea swim for a while since it is getting a bit wintery here and the water is definitely getting colder.
So the goal for the next few weeks without a squad is to make sure I actually swim. Hopefully a few of us will band together and try and do our own little squads at different pools but it won't be as regular or as practical as swimming at the Teps is, but I need to hang in there because I certainly can't afford to lose any swimming fitness...


Time: 11hr49
Distance: 291km
Boyfriends: Probably half of the men's sprint field...

A bit of an average week on the bike, attempted the TT on Saturday with a pretty pathetic result, not sure what my problem was but my power was pretty sad and I just could go any faster than about 35km/hr... Made up for it with a solid 20km ride at the Peoples Tri which was about 3mins faster than I have ever done that course before. Its a draft-legal race and the bunches were huge. I started my ride and was passing a few men (they started 5mins ahead of us) and a couple of girls and by the time I got to the first turnaround I had at least 10 people in a bunch on my wheel, I was shocked I thought there were only 1 or 2. And they stayed there for the whole race!!! One of them had a surge of testosterone coming through Mission Bay (his girlfriend must have been watching...) and came to the front then dropped the speed by about 3km/hr. So I had to come round him and gave him some advice about taking a turn at the front. All these big men drafting off a 40kg girl, I'm so low on my TT bike that I doubt there would have been must draft anyway but shame on them for not even taking a turn. It does kind of put me off that race a bit.

Good morning Howick


Time: 4hrs17
Distance: ~57km

What a big week!! Getting back into the long run in the weekend and manged 75min this weekend. Did a couple of 50min runs in the week plus the O'Hagans. Am a bit concerned by my lack of speed so may look to add a few different things in to try and remind my leggies how to run fast again.
Managed to run down quite a few people at the Peoples Tri (hopefully all the lazy men who sat on my wheel and all the girls as well) but still was hoping to run a bit closer to 20mins for the 5km (did about 20.30) so a bit disappointing in that respect.

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