Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly Update - 19.04.10 - 25.04.10


Swims x 3

A bit sad in the swim department as I feared would happen. Monday's swim was a bit of a mess trying to fit into a public lane with a whole lot of random people doing crazy things. Fortunately it was a 50m pool so there was a bit more space but still very frustrating. I did one swim in my pool which was nice and undisturbed but very boring by myself and I tend to dribble along when I am swimming alone. We had a bit more structure for Fridays swim so it was a bit better but don't think we are very popular with the regulars who we are muscling out. I have decided to instigate a M/W/F 3km minimum to make sure I get a reasonable amount of volume for the week and will try and add in at least one extra swim per week.


Time: 12hrs16
Distance: 294km

So I seem to be going the same distance each week but taking longer to do it. Hmmmm. Did some good 5min efforts this week until I blew myself up then had to creep back to work. Have got a super duper front light for winter which will hopefully stop me from being run over by cars. Since I have been working in Howick I have had so many people pull out on me along the Pakuranga Highway at all times of the day, I'm sure there are plenty of cyclists riding along there so not sure what is with those Eastern drivers.
Big ups to all the Hot Cyclists who fronted up to Gallipoli Cup on ANZAC day, pity about some poor handicapping decisions but good on Roger and Cookie for hanging in there.


Time: 3hrs 40
Distance: ~44km

Broke 19mins for 5km this week!!! A year ago that would have been a very poor run but I was pretty excited to see an 18 on my watch instead of a 19... Now need to work my way through the 18's and back to the 17's.
Long run of 80mins which was pretty comfortable, I have about another 4 weekends until Huntly half so will be more prepared in terms of distance than I was for last year where I think I ran over an hour maybe twice for Huntly, and hopefully will have got a bit more speed back by then as well.

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