Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekly Update - 28.12.09 - 03.01.10


Sea swim x 1
Non-squad swim x 3

Not much motivation to swim with no squad on so just did a few pootles. Swam in the outdoor 50m Cambridge pool which was a nice change and could work on my tan at the same time.


Time: 15hrs00
Distance: 448km

Didn't really have any work on over the holidays so got a few more long rides in than usual. Had a couple of hammer sessions with Uncle Roy and did the standard 5min efforts and 2hr efforts. Taptap has not very well and has been a bit unreliable which is getting me down but hopefully my Saris man will come up with a solution for me. Didn't manage to pick up any boyfriends this week, maybe Uncle Roy put them all off. Have decided to do a bit of club cycling this year and be like a real cyclist so made a start on working at my corning at Camp Cambridge over New Years. Next will need to be my downhilling.


Managed 4 water-running sessions this week, had to do one in Newmarket with an aqua-jogging belt which was awful. My way of water-running is sooooo much more beneficial I think, I don't really get much benefit in terms of running simulation from deep water running with a belt.
I was lucky enough to have some water-running company in Cambridge from Nicky who has a bung knee, there was quite a difference in where the water came up to on her compared with me since she is about 10ft taller than me. I'm not sure Cambridge is ready for water-runners, we got some very strange looks.

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