Monday, December 28, 2009

Weekly Update - 21.12.09 - 27.12.09

Squads x 3
Solo swim x 2
Sea swim x 2

Did a couple of sea swims at Cook's Beach, seemed to be some kind of current action going on - it would take me about 18.5mins on the way out and then about 21mins on the way back. Good practice for Tauranga dodging all the boats that were moored.

Time: 14hrs32
Distance: 386km
Boyfriends: 3

Had a few solid rides in the Coromandel - Cook's Beach to Tairua and back and then Cook's to a bit beyond Whitianga and back. A few issues with cars and trailers not obeying the 1.5m rule but otherwise it was nice riding somewhere different. Did the usual 5min hill reps during the week which is where I picked up my 3 boyfriends who decided it would be fun to do the effort with me from where I passed them about 2/3 of the way up. Unfortunately they didn't know where the finish line was so we almost had a little pile up. Good one.


I had an MRI early in the week which showed an oblique fracture of the posterior cortex of the tibia which extends around the medial and lateral cortices. MRI's don't show any new bone which has been laid down (ie. healing) but there is odema within the bone so it seems there is activity going on which is good. If it is no better in a couple of weeks I will get a CT scan which will show if it is healing or not.
I tried to do another little run/walk which was a bit sore so I have made an executive decision not to run again for another two weeks. Then it will be 14 weeks since Kona so surely to god we will be all G. So looks like running at Tauranga and Wanaka are completely out of the question :(

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