Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekly Update - 04.01.10 - 10.01.10


Non-squad x 5
Sea swim x 1
~ 13.5km

A few of us from the Teps squad got together to do our own little sessions on our normal swimming mornings. This was good to get a bit of decent swimming in otherwise I would have just flounced around and swum whatever I wanted which wouldn't have been much. And also did my usual extra little pootles before my water running sessions.
Sea swim was at the Tauranga Half Ironman which was the swim from hell but I will put a race report up on that soon.


Time: 8hrs56
Distance: 236km
Boyfriends: 100+ (see Tauranga race report)

Taper week this week with the half approaching so volume was quite a bit less than the last few weeks. Did the usual 5min efforts on Tuesday, we are having to find another hill because our current hill which used to take 5mins now only takes 4.5mins. So may be making some changes to Tuesday morning rides, 5mins is a long time to be riding up a hill and there aren't that many hills long enough around the city so not sure what we will do.
Am having major issues with TapTap and it hasn't actually worked at all since Wednesday which is really getting me down, I feel so lost without it. It looks like I will have to send it back to Saris in the US which will cost US$500 to get it refurbished which is poo because it is only 6 months outside of the warrenty. For it to fail after only 18 months is pretty disappointing and I am a bit hesitant to fork out US$500 to get it fixed in case it happens again in another 18 months. Not to mention not really having that much money to throw around at the moment. But I have reached the point where power is quite integral to my bike training so need to get something sorted.


Went for a 6 min run today and leg was a bit sore after about 3 mins which is an improvement on the last time I tried to run 2 weeks ago but still not really ideal. It wasn't really sore but I could definitely feel it. But it is improving so I will keep pool-running for another 2 weeks and then try to run again. And then hopefully I can crack open my banana-macadamia pancake mix which I bought in Hawaii and have been saving for my first pain-free run...

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