Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekly Update - 11.01.10 - 17.01.10


Squad x 1
Open water swims x 4


First squad back was a pretty meaty 4km session, fortunately I had been swimming over the squad break so it wasn't too hard but good to get the mileage in. The rest of the swims were in Lake Wanaka which is a beautiful lake to swim in, very clear and clean. Not so warm unfortunately, only about 14degrees which was quite a shock. My hands, feet and face got very cold swimming here and my left big toe kept turning white after we had swum which was a bit random. There were buoys out for the Challenge Wanaka athletes so we just swam them.


Time: 7hrs 38
Distance: 222km
Boyfriends: 1

A bit of an in between week on the bike this week with a half ironman ride at each end. Did a couple of easy rides in Auckland at the beginning of the week and then rode over some of the Challenge course down in Wanaka along with the half course on Saturday. I wanted to ride the Crown Range but didn't really have any takers on that. Taptap seems to have come to life again so am crossing all my fingers and toes that it will stay that way. Riding in Wanaka was awesome with some beautiful scenery and tough little hills, only complaint would be the rough road surface which was a bit gnarly at times.


Only got one water-run in this week and won't attempt to go for a proper run again until this weekend. Leg is feeling perfectly fine with all every day things so think I am very close to getting back into it.

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