Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly Update 18.01.10 - 24.01.10


Squad x 3

A bit of volume at squad this week even for Friday which is usually short, speed stuff. Felt like I was swimming quite well on Monday and Wednesday for a change and was keeping up ok and not having to cheat like I sometimes have to do. I usually feel quite wasted on Monday morning after Sunday's long ride but didn't ride the day after Wanaka so felt quite fresh on Monday for once. The pool I am doing my water running in has a broken heater and is slightly arctic so didn't do any extra swims in it this week.


Time: 13hrs15
Distance: 335km
Boyfriends: ~20

Have dusted off the Serottica and will use this for a while now as I am planning on doing some club cycling in the next couple of months. Didn't do any efforts this week, although our Tuesday ride with Uncle Roy was a bit of a sufferfest, a bit like a 2hr effort.
Lined up for the Tour de Ranges on Saturday only to have to pull out after about 30km following 2 punctures and discovering that my last tube (brand new) had a split in the seem and, surprisingly enough, wouldn't hold any air. Lucky for me the 2nd puncture was about 400m after an intersection where there were some marshals so I trotted down to there and was able to get a lift back to Clevedon. I have never seen so many people with punctures before, there were so many roadworks with nasty sharp stones and one section where there were literally 20 people pulled over with flats. One of my friends punctured his $200 tubular after about 10km and had to pull out.
So that was a bit of a bummer, I haven't done any cycle races in ages and the start was a bit of a shock. I really don't have much in the way of acceleration and got dropped pretty much at the gun, I could see Jared in the bunch in front of me up the first few hills but couldn't quite get there. Managed to get into a good bunch after the initial excitement and this was working quite well until my first puncture, and I even took a couple of turns at the front (shock!horror!). My power for the time that I did was pretty high so could have been a tough ride, and I have now DNF'd every single race I have done in 2010, hmmmm. Although, I have never punctured in a race before so guess there must be a first and better at a ride like that than Ironman or something important.
Tried to make up for it with a hard ride on Sunday and managed to pick up a few boyfriends along the way.

J-rad and Uncle Roy creeping up Sandstone after they wasted me up the gorge


Time: 8mins
Distance: 1.6km

I ran!!!!!!!! Just a little trot on the grass, no major problems, a teeny bit achey but I was so obsessed with whether it was hurting or not that I may not have even noticed if I had something else to think about. It has improved a lot in the last 2 weeks so this was encouraging. Will go again on Tuesday and compare and hopefully I will be eating celebratory banana-macadamia pancakes in the weekend :)

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