Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekly Update - 25.01.10 - 31.02.10

Squad x 3
Total ~11.5km

More big sets at swimming this week, did a 400m TT which was broken into 4x100m on not much rest which is the same as what we did last week. I won't say my time because I am too embarrassed but I was a lot faster this week, last week I had trouble making the interval... Have been giving my swimming some serious thought recently, its quite a problem that I don't swim faster. Last year when I did IMNZ I swam 1.04 and I expect I would be about the same now, I think it would really help if I could swim <60mins. So I had a D&M with Haydn (swim coach) and he has given me some advice on what I need to do and he took a little video of me swimming. I had some videos of me swimming about 3.5years ago and while I think I suck now at least I have improved, but more work still needs to be done. So I have a couple of things from the videos to work on and have decided to swim everyday in February and see if a bit of extra volume helps my plight.


Time: 14hrs00
Distance: 373km
Boyfriends: 1

Nothing too special this week, Taptap is really quite ill and has only being telling me speed so has made any efforts a bit redundant. I will be sending him back to get fixed next week so will have to get used to no power for a while. I have become quite dependent on TapTap in the last 18months so maybe a little bit of time apart will be good for me.
I made a friend on our Sunday ride while Uncle Roy was fixing a puncture, he wan't so keen to be friends at the start but then sniffed out my Em's Power CookieBar and we became friends for life once I gave him a little bit.


Time: 41mins
Distance: ~8.2km

Just a couple of cautious runs on the grass, 2x10mins during the week then stepped it up to 21mins in the weekend. Don't want to get too excited just yet because I can still feel a very slight ache but it hasn't gotten any worse and I certainly wouldn't call it pain so hopefully am on the right track. It has been 16weeks so you would think it would be fixed by now. Since I was able to run for 20mins I was allowed my pancake mix which I had been saving since Hawaii and they were AWESOME.

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