Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly Update - 15.02.10 - 21.02.10


3 x squad
1 x sea swim
2 x non-squad

Thats right - ONLY SIX SWIMS!!!!! I knew the weekend would be a bit tricky to fit in a swim on both days with the tour on. On Saturday after racing we headed down to the Cambridge pool at about 6.15pm thinking it closed at 7pm but it had closed at 6. So the intention was there and being the only pool in Cambridge I was a bit stuck. But I swam in between stages the next day while all my competitors were resting up so there is some commitment for you. Sea swim was in my pointzero3 muppet suit, I thought I should be brave and face the cold sea and it was a better workout than with the buoyancy of the Helix. Will have to try and do a double up swim next week to make up for my lost one.


Time: 11hrs 39
Distance: 330km

Had my little tour this week so will put a little race report up for that soon with some photos. The rest of the week was pretty standard, did a couple of 5min efforts but sucked big time and threw a few 15sec sprints in to prepare me for club racing.


Time: 1hr
Distance: 12.5km

Only 2 runs this week because I didn't run in the weekend but leggie seems to be getting better with each run. I don't feel like I'm running very nicely, my other leg feels like my knee keeps rolling in so will need to start some VMO strengthening to try and fix it.

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