Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekly Update - 01.02.10 - 07.02.10

2 x squad
2 x non-squad
3 x sea swim

Today was the first week of my swim everyday in February campaign and so far so good, a bit low on the distance for 7 swims... Two of the sea swims were races, the first was meant to be 1500m but it had to be reduced to 1000m because it was so rough. I'll put a photo it but it doesn't really do it justice, I didn't realize how big the waves were till I was among them and wondering how I was actually going to get through them. But I survived and all the better for it, I would be pretty gutted if an Ironman swim looked like that but at least I know I have swum in bad conditions.

The pool I do some of my non-squad swims in has turned slightly arctic with a broken heater, so I wore my Blue Seventy pointzero3 to keep me warm. The clock was also broken so I couldn't tell how fast I was swimming but I'm sure the suit sped me up. Must remember to take a watch next time.


Time: 13hrs27
Distance: 338km
Boyfriends: 3

Was planning on doing the Waterfront TT this week but it was canceled due to Waitanagi Day festivities, shame because conditions were perfect so will try for next weekend. Did a few little efforts during the week then rode the Waitaks on Sunday which is always nice in good weather.


Time: 1hr12
Distance: ~15km

Things seem to be holding up well, did an aquathon during the week - 1500m swim, 2km run, not usually my distance at all but good for now. Just plodded along and tried not to push it, had to resist from upping it to catch a couple of girls ahead of me I had caught up to. Ended up running 8.31 for 2km which I didn't think was too bad considering I was taking it pretty easy.
There is still a bit of acheyness in the leg but it doesn't seem to be getting worse so will just carefully monitor it. Managed a long run of 28mins (!) in the weekend and didn't seem to have any ill-effects from that.

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