Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly Update - 8.02.10 - 14.02.10


3 x squad
3 x non-squad
1 x sea swim


A bit of a better effort this week in terms of volume. I have only been managing about 1500-2000m in my non-squad swims because the pool is too cold even in my little muppet suit. Am trying to concentrate on a couple of things I saw I was doing wrong from the videos Haydn took but I don't seem to have much of a feel for the water or for what I am doing when I swim so may need to get some outside feedback to see if it looks better or not.


Time: 13hrs16
Distance 346km

Did the waterfront TT for the first time in a while, and managed to crank out my second fastest time, YESSSSSSS. It was one of those days when the tailwind is not quite in proportion to the headwind. My speedo sensor ran out of battery the day before so I just went as hard as I could without know how fast I was going, which was good because it felt like I was going pretty slow on the way back at times.
Rode the Hunuas with the Hot Cycles bunch on Sunday as my wingman had deserted me for the weekend. The weather turned a bit yuck but it was good to have a few people to ride up the hills with.
Next weekend will be my big club cycling debut, starting with a 2-day womens tour around Morrinsville. I have entered myself into C-grade which may be a bit easy but A and B race together so to race B grade you basically have to be able to foot it with the A graders which I definately don't think is me, so safest to go with C grade. And the distances seem much nicer. Will be a bit of a learning curve as I don't really know how to behave in a road race situation and there is also criterium, I did a couple of crits when I was at school but basically just rode round in circles without really knowing what I was meant to do. Hopefully will be fun.


Time: 1hr 49
Distance: ~23km

Had an AWESOME run on Saturday, only had a teeny tiny bit of at ache at the back of the tibia which was only there some of the time and a little bit of something around the medial part of my shin but other than that I felt awesome. So ran for 35mins mostly off-road at a decent-ish pace. Then backed it up with a 30min run on Sunday which wasn't quite as good but better than any of the previous runs I have down. So woo hoo, hopefully the big comeback is starting.
I don't seem to have lost much fitness for these length runs and am running at about the pace I normally would for easy stuff so all that mind-numbing water running maybe paid off.
Now I need to start seriously looking at what races I should do this year.

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