Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly Update - 07.12.09 -13.12.09

3 x squad swims
1 x open water swim
~10,000m total

Missed half of Mondays squad with an alarm malfunction which apparently included 800m of kick so wasn't too sad about that. Wednesday was good with 24x100 leaving on 1.35 so had a bit of work to do there but was pretty sweet once I put my beloved paddles on.
Open water swim was in Taupo at the half ironman, I'll put a little race report on that up soon.

Time: 10hrs47
Distance: 305km

Have been having some GREAT weather here so riding in the sun has been all good. Did the usual 5min efforts, about the same as last week so still hitting 200w+ which is good. My PB for this is 214w which was in June when I had a week or two of brilliance which has never come back to me so hopefully I can get back there soon.

Distance: 5.3km

More of the dreaded aqua-running. Managed to go a wee bit further this week in the same time so go me. Hopefully someone will introduce aqua-running as an Olympic/Commonwealth sport because I'm getting pretty good at it and would hate for all this talent to go to waste. *HOPEFULLY* will be able to go for a little jog next weekend, fingers crossed...

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