Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly Update - 14.12.09 -20.12.09

Squads x 3
Solo paddle x 2
~12.5km total

Decided I should put some of my aqua-running time to better use so did a couple of little swims by myself before running. Trying to work on my stroke and my turns a bit in those sessions. I thought my turns were going better but they were definitely slowing me down when we did 12x100m sprints on Friday. I was on a bit of a go slow anyway but they weren't helping. David from Lane 4 even told me that he watched one of my turns and it wasn't very good (thats a direct quote) so obviously more practice is needed.

Time: 14hrs08
Distance: 366

A reasonably meaty week on the bike, since I am not running I may as well clock up lots of bike time. Did the waterfront TT on Saturday - 16km of all out pain and suffering - and took 44sec off my PB, I had hoped to go sub-24 (previous best was 24.09) but I smashed it and came in at 23.25. I never thought I would ever go much under 24 so I was pretty pleased with myself. There was a truck that kept getting in the way on the way back so I had to slow up 4x for it, but then would get a little draft off it when it got going so think hopefully that the sitting up and then getting the draft would cancel each other. So I now need to do another 23.25 to know that it was all me.
Whenever I go riding recently I have a habit of picking up random men who like to attach themselves and ride along with me. Jared calls them my boyfriends so I think I will start adding a weekly boyfriend count to my bike summary.
Boyfriends: 3
Two of the boyfriends attached themselves to us when we passed them along the waterfront and even did 1min efforts when we went, they got quite confused though when I started an effort before Jared and they didn't know who to follow. What are these men thinking drafting off a little girl anyway?!?!!

Same same

Attempted a lamp-post walk/run during the week which only lasted about two lamp-posts when I decided it was a bad idea because my leg hurt straight away. Things were feeling better by the end of the week so I tried it again on Sunday and managed to go for about 25mins which is encouraging. It wasn't entirely pain-free but didn't get worse and didn't feel like I shouldn't be doing it so I think that is a good sign. Probably shouldn't have gone for as long as I did and I got a bit of a telling off (maybe rightly so) but I was just a bit excited. Had an MRI today so will see what the outcome of that is before I do anything more.
Did the usual aqua-running and got the usual funny looks from other pool users.

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