Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekly Update - 30.11.09 - 06.12.09

3 x squad swims ~9500m total
A bit too much medley this week for my liking but did my best, had a 1500m TT on Wednesday but was feeling pretty poo so dropped down a lane and swam easy so it wasn't really a TT at all but good for the volume. Did 7x100's sprinting on Friday which was brutal.
I have decided my goal for the next few weeks is to get my tumble turns right as I kind of twist while I'm mid-turn making them not as efficient as they should be.

Time: 11hrs38
Distance: 314km
Was supposed to do the waterfront TT on Saturday but punctured before the start and I only had tubes with ridiculously short valves and a munted valve extender so couldn't get it fixed in time to start. So didn't do any efforts but still rode for a bit over 2hrs so all wasn't lost.
Did some good 5min efforts on Thursday and managed to get the power back over 200w on my TT bike which I haven't been able to hit in about 5 months so that was a bit of a success.
Sunday ride was just on 3hrs around Maraetai and Clevedon with 2hrs uptempo. Nice and solid and weather was AWESOME. I even headed out with no arm warmers on, its been a long time since I've backed myself like that.

Time: 1hr45
Distance: 5.2km...
Am running in the pool - not with an aquajogging belt but like normal running in a waist height (for me it a bit higher...) since this is the closest thing I get to running with a stress fracture. Am getting pretty sick of pool-running so decided to do some 100m intervals which broke things up slightly and I even had quad DOMS after the first session so it must be doing something.
It has been 8 weeks today since I broke myself at Kona and following the general timeframe of 6-8 weeks for a stress fracture to heal I had hoped today would be the day I could go for a little trot. But a short run from the vege garden to the house showed that I still have a wee way to go so back to the pool next week I will go :(


  1. ....and how many times did you watch the sheep getting shaved?

  2. Hahaha not even once!! Its been a while though... I need to get my shearing fix...