Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big Jo Training 27 Aug - 2 Sept


I get the feeling that Haydn is trying to kill us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at the Teps.  We have started Big Wednesday's which involve a lot of swimming - 30 x 100's last week to be exact, after about an 1800m warm up of course... I'm finding myself in a tricky place by getting not enough rest in Lane 3 but getting too much rest in Lane 2 which is frustrating.  I think we will be getting a 5th lane for squad next week so hopefully Lane 2.5 will be perfect for me.
We finished the week off with 80x50m's - choice!


A little bit less on the bike due to some annoying sniffles/chest cough which is persisting so I made the bold move of taking an entire day off training so was down one bike and one run.  It seemed to do the trick with my sickness for a few days but I am sitting here now with a severely blocked nose so am having second thoughts.
I will hopefully be getting a bike/run program from Coach Poo in the next couple of weeks so am enjoying tootling around on my TT not paying too much attention to my power as I know the 6 months will be rather power focussed.
We did our usual Waitak/Devo Sunday ride and had our usual muppet who we passed as he was going at snail's pace then killed himself to hang. There always has to be one.
Why people, why?


Running is going well because I am running - yay!  I am getting up to 15-17km for my long Saturday run and doing about 35-40km per week.  I was keen to do a half marathon sometime in the next month or so but everything is so incredibly expensive these days - $50+ on average to do a half in Auckland - what a rip off!
I added up all the race fees for the races that I want to do and holy bejesus it adds up.  My work situation isn't so certain from November so don't think I should go entering races willy-nilly.
My friends
And speaking of races for this season, if anyone is interested in my schedule for this coming season it looks something like this:
Tinman Olympic Distance
Taupo Half Ironman
Auckland 70.3

I am facing my demons at IMNZ but will be having an incident free buildup for once so will be awesome (hopefully...).
A few Stroke and Strides (thanks to my 70% off season pass due to my age group win) and Kohi swims thrown in the mix too.

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