Sunday, September 30, 2012

Big Jo Training Sept 10 - Sept 30


Swimming is actually going well for me - woo hoo! Well, mostly... We have been doing threshold 100 sets on a Wednesday and I am consistently holding times faster than I have ever been able to before, but ask me to sprint and I suck.  I go slower than what I can hold for 21x100's - what is with that?! It's like I try too hard and just end up thrashing around and go backwards.


The last couple of weeks (during my blogging hiatus) was around the 10hr mark for riding per week.  I managed to recover from the Deathly Illness and pulled myself together on the bike.  My IMNZ program from Coach Poo has begun which means a lot of efforts and suffering on the bike but will hopefully result in some super speedy half and Ironman bike splits.
It also means encountering muppets who latch onto me as I ride past them and make me want to beat my head against a wall.  Hopefully I will get so fast that the muppets can't keep up :)


Running is GOOD! I have been doing about 50km per week and doing some efforts during my long run which almost killed me last weekend but will hopefully make me stronger.  The O'Hagan's 5km hasn't been going so well but I am getting slightly faster but far off my former glory.  I keep getting beaten by about a 15 year old and then got beaten by my friend Claire last week which, while it was inevitable, it still hurt.

Lots of pics today just for you Nick.
Post training nom noms. I had to take a doggy bag

Birthday lunch for one

Birthday dessert with singing and eveything

Lots of cow poop on my bike after waiting for these people

What a healthy person eats for lunch

The reason why the run course for ITU AG Worlds was changed

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