Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Jo Training Sept 3-Sept 9 and the Deathly Sickness


More fun and games at the Teps with 30x100m on Wednesday preluded by about a 2000m warm up.  The interval was better for me this week so I was able to hang with the Lane 3 kids without blowing my foofoo valve too majorly.  Although now that I cast my mind back to the fact that I was supposed to go for a run after swimming before work and had to postpone it till lunchtime because I was so wasted indicted that maybe I did blow my foofoo valve a bit.
But I came down with a very nasty tummy bug on Wednesday night which had probably been brewing during the day which could also have led to the wastedness.
I spent all of Wednesday night alternating between the toilet and bed and thought that I was dying.  By Friday I was more alive but not in any way up to swimming so it was just 2 swims for the week.
This Deathly Sickness which I had contracted ran rampant through our family starting with my one year old niece and spreading to my sister, father, step-father, Grandma and Jared.  I barely had any contact with my niece and dad who had it first - I was merely in the same room as them after they had been sick and I still managed to get it so it took no prisoners. 
We thought Jared had got away with it but he woke up on Sunday (which was his birthday) feeling rather average and spent the rest of the day feeling like death and excreting 2kg of his body weight.  Needless to say I felt as guilty as sin for ruining his birthday so spent the day at his beck and call (after going riding of course...) and performing tasks that only a true friend would do.


The Deathly Sickness ruined most of my riding week having only ridden on Tuesday and then attempting to ride in the weekend.
By Saturday I was feeling pretty normal for everyday tasks but didn't take into account the two days of almost zero food consumption and as a result was not really up to riding.  I got about 10 minutes into the ride before I started to think it was a bad idea but not wanting to be thought of as a wuss and abandon completely I stuck it out and took the biggest shortcuts I could find and rode at snails pace to the coffee shop.
Sunday was a bit better but still not the full 100 so I just rode up to Titirangi with Neilio and Claire and Neilio tried to take advantage of me in my vulnerable state.  I showed him though and I don't think that he will be trying that again.


Only two runnypoos for the week (well a lot more than that actually...) on Tuesday and Wednesday, I didn't even bother trying in the weekend.
Much to my horror I have become a person who runs with an iPod - not all the time but it is happening rather frequently.  My little iPod shuffle is of the generation where the controls are on the headphone cord which is fraught with faults and it's favourite trick is to turn the volume up when I am trying to turn to down and still turn it up when I try the opposite.  So maybe the magic iPod fairy will be delivering me a new iPod sometime soon.  I do draw the line at using an iPod when I running with someone else - there is nothing worse than seeing two people out running together both listening to iPod's! I would be rather offended if I turned up to run with someone and they were listening to an iPod.  J-Rad will often have his on our Saturday run but since he is normally on his own after 5-6km I guess it is acceptable - I'm just covering my arse here in case someone reading this sees us running together and he's listening to an iPod after I proclaim it is a pet hate because another pet hate are people who do the very thing that they bitch about!
Snug fit

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