Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big Jo Training July 29 - August 26...

I have been thinking about my blog recently and wondering what to do with it.  I was reading some American triathlete/runner's blog which was race and life related and quite entertaining which I took inspiration from, followed by another triathlon blog which was so supposed to be funny but was cynical that I immediately started disliking the author.  So that didn't leave me any further ahead so I will just continue in my style...


Swimming has been taking care of itself now that we are back at the Teps in Haydn's squad.  So much easier to be motivated when there is someone abusing you for not getting in on time plus the extremely high cost of missing a session when we work out what we are paying per time...
We have been doing some pretty long sessions (compared to what I am used to...) so have been getting up to between 12-14km per week.  I wasn't swimming too badly when the Teps closed in 2010 so hopefully I can at least get to that level again.
It is nice not having to deal with people in a public lane and our little squad lane is reasonably harmonious now that we know how to seed ourselves (me at the back).


I was pretty much back into weekend rides once I got back, weekday rides took a bit longer to get in the swing of... I dusted off RooRoo last ride and took it for a jaunt up the Waitaks this morning which was lovely.  Our little weekend core group has been reunited and Kezzle missed us terribly while we were gone.  This morning we picked up a Muppet who sat behind me breathing very heavily in my ear pissing everyone off.  As we were all on our TT bikes it didn't take too long to be spat out the back but what are these people thinking - seriously?! This guy is happily riding along BY HIMSELF and 3 people all dressed alike and on TT bikes come past - why can't he let us go? Why does he have to blow his foofoo valve trying to keep up like he is with us.  If he wants people to ride with why doesn't he find some friends to ride with?  I could understand if we were a large bunch and he could just slip onto the back but a group of 3 - this happens all the time, what is wrong with these people?! The most annoying ones are the ones who go to the front then detonate after about 30 seconds, in fact I saw something which sums it up today:


I am taking a cavalier attitude to August and haven't been running a huge amount but I did get some delicious new shoes which are making running so much more exciting.  I shall put a picture of them on soon.
I have been having Gayman issues with my replacement one losing a button before I even got to use it, it was resolved pretty quickly though with Chain Reaction Cycles coming to the party with a brand new one with a pretty snappy turn around so I certainly can't fault them on their customer service.
I have been working in Devonport and doing a few runs over there which has been lovely, much better than my previous place of work where I would fear for my life walking to the dairy to get a pick-me-up because the work conditions were so grim.

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