Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekly Update - 14.06.10 - 20.06.10


2 x squad
1 x non-squad


Back into the MWF swing of things this week. Nothing too exciting at squad this week, had a decent set of 12x200's with a bit of IM and plenty of spa time. Still doing our Friday swim with some of the people from the Teps which is usually a bit of a pootle for me.


Time: 14hrs16
Distance: 334km

Quite a big week this week but less distance the week before, must have been in slow mode. Had some good rides during the week (except from being almost blown off the ridge of Point View Drive...) then the weather turned crap for the weekend. Saturday was ok just a bit windy but Sunday wasn't great. Managed 60mins on the DWT then 2.5hrs on the road and it had pretty much stopped raining by then so all worked out well. Am getting pretty sick of rain though especially with my 5hr+ rides looming.


Time: 4hrs20
Distance: ~54.5km

Had a good track session with one of my triathlon buddies this week, managed to run faster over 800m and 400m than ever so must have been pootling a bit by myself. Longest run was 1hr45 but with about 5 toilet stops which wasn't ideal but luckily there was lots of bush. Might hold off eating any date scones pre-run in the future I think...

Eagerly anticipating Tauranga Half Ironman entries opening

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