Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weekly Update - 07.06.10 - 13.06.10


Squad x 1
Non-squad x 1


Lost a swim this week for Queen's Birthday and wasn't really motivated enough to make it up. I figure my swimming quality has improved since getting back into a squad so didn't feel too sad about missing one.
The new squad is going well, sessions are around 3.5km-4km so pretty solid. We haven't done anything too long yet, it seems to be more of a technique focus at the moment but I am doing decent sessions which is the main thing.


Time: 13hrs40
Distance: 340km

Managed to avoid any windtrainer sessions this week thank god and ended up being a pretty good week. Did some 2 up TT practice in preparation for a club TT race in a couple weeks, managed not to crash which was a bonus. Did a good 3hr ride in the weekend with a few other triathletes so it was good to get back on the longer ride bandwagon.
Was having a feww issues with my headset on my TT bike not running very smoothly but my good friend Andrew at Hot Cycles sorted it for me so hopefully no more muppet moments at the turn around cone...


Time: 3hrs45

This weekend's long run was disrupted by a 3km cross country race in Cambridge which we decided to do since we would be there anyway. It wasn't like an Auckland cross country (ie. running around Lloyd Elsmore Park or Long Bay Reserve), it was on a local farm and had a massive gully which I couldn't even run down it was so steep and muddy. It was awesome. I didn't run very fast and got wasted by some of the other girls, they obviously breed them a bit tougher in the Waikato. Luckily I had my spikes which made getting up some of the hills/banks a bit easier but am still suffering the aftermath of having strapped ankles with several raw bits on my feet from the edge of the tape.

This was the flat part of the course, there were 2 fences we had to climb over which I did with so much style and finesse. And the race briefing was held in a barn.

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