Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm back

I have been a very slack blogger indeed.
But I am back in more ways than one and am committed to keeping updated.


The sea has turned a bit chilly here so all swims have been confined to the pool.  Our old favourite pool (the Teps) will be opening again in June after a $16million makeover so the gang is most excited to be going back there.
I will soon be spending 6 weeks in Germany with a 50m outdoor pool at my disposal so fingers crossed that my swimming improves so I can keep up with the German girls.


The weather here has turned a bit arctic here so I have had to bring out the winter artillery.  Luckily the rain has stopped so we have been getting some good rides in.
Lesson for the weekend is don't be too lazy to download your taptap - I rode my little leggies off on Sunday keeping up with the big boys (most of the way...) but we will never know how awesome I was because Taptap was full after 80mins. Gutted!
My Serottica has been Germany-ified with some new bars and stem so now I need to track down some mini TT bars so we can take on some short distance races.


Running has been a bit up and down and I ended up taking a couple of weeks off to get rid of my adductor issue.  It seems that Pectineus was the culprit (for anyone who is interested) and after a multitude of strengthening and stretching it seems to be pretty good so I am easing back into it.  I was planning on doing Huntly Half Marathon but have had to scratch those plans due to this little setback but if it means that I have avoided anything nasty then it will be worth it.
New shoes! Fast feet!
I am an Angry Bird


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