Monday, April 16, 2012

Big Jo training March 25 - April 15...

Yes I am still alive.

Wow, Auckland Half feels like ages ago now.
I took the following two weeks pretty easy - even had a day or two off completely - OMG!
Have pretty much got back into things now though, just taking the running easy due to a niggly hip/groin/thigh issue which seems to have stemmed from some insanely tight and weak muscles around my left hip.  But never fear, it doesn't appear to be boney which was my main concern, and is getting better. Whew.
I had a Weekend of Greatness on the bike this past weekend, with some power PB's lifting me up a notch on the WKO Graph of Greatness.  It was a bit unexpected given my average performance on the bike at Auckland Half but hopefully is the start of something.
I am modifying the Serottica a tad so it can be used for some short course races in Germany in June and July so will soon be rocking some saddle to handlebar drop which is very exciting for a short person.

I got a new smartphone because it turns out that my previous smartphone was not so smart after all and this one actually is smart and takes very fancy photos.
New friend living in my car. Now lives on the ground outside work

G-Dog's new friends

Is that a cat down your top?

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