Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big Jo training May 7 - May 13


Getting up for swimming has become a little bit difficult in the cold dark mornings but soon I will be in the sun and not having to swim at ridiculous hours so I persevere.
I have been averaging around 3.5km for my swims with our little pseudo-squad, trying desperately to keep on the feet in front.
I have a new job which is making it difficult to get to the gym to keep my armies buff but will hopefully have access to somewhere in Germany to keep the strength work up.


I have said it many times but I will say it again - I pass you because I am riding faster than you so why do you feel the need to jump on my wheel?????? Had an encounter with a very annoying man in white shorts who jumped on my wheel while I was doing a 20min effort who then had to pretend that he usually rode that fast when I sat up at the end of it.  But since we had already passed him twice he obviously didn't ride that fast and then we passed him again after about 10mins when he had blown his foofoo valve.
If you want to ride with other people then find some friends!!!


Finding my running legs again and all seems to be going well but still keeping up the strengthening.  My new DS Trainers have changed my life - so light and comfy and my cadence goes up by about 5 steps/min when I wear them because they make my feet go so fast.
They are delicious. 

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