Monday, September 12, 2011

Big Jo training 29 August - 11 September


13km of swimming last week - weeeeeeeeee! Biggest swim was 5.5km and I even added an extra swim into the week because I was so keen.  I'll be building up to 6km so am almost there but have to admit I am using a few of the swimming toys to get me there, while I have always turned up my nose at people who use a whole assortment of swimming condiments I have actually found fins and paddles to be quite helpful.  One of the biggest goals of my swimming is to get my stroke count down and by using fins I get a better appreciation of the water and can slow my stroke right down while still actually moving through the water.  If I do it paddle-less I don't have the strength to pull against the water effectively since I am gliding so much more than usual hence the paddles to make my pull actually pull.
So don't point and laugh if you see me finning and paddling up - at least I am not using a pull buoy as well...


Averaging out at around 10.5 - 11hrs on the bike with ~3hrs being the longest so nothing super exciting.  I have been making a concerted effort not to pootle as much on the bike after getting my own WKO+ and actually looking at the graphs and realizing how much time I spend in the pootle zone.  So now I ride to work with a purpose.

We had a very wet ride last weekend which turned into a very cold and shivery ride after an untimely puncture stop.  I had flashbacks of IMNZ.  My hands got so cold that I could change gears because my fingers just crumpled everytime I pushed the gear lever.
No matter how wet it is this jacket is never acceptable

I am loving my new short little bars and feel super speedy whenever I use them, and have also been admiring my lovely bar-tape job which I had to do myself (thanks to Google for the best way to do it) since nobody else in the house was interested.
Why RooRoo what lovely bartape you have


Ugh.  Not going so well.  I have been struggling with my calves a bit for the last year, just getting super tight when I run for no good reason and they seem to be getting worse, plus I have this burning pain/incy wincyness near my shin/side of my calf which is bothering me and the last couple of long runs I have done I have felt like a bit of ITB syndrome was knocking on my door.  And I am scheduled to run a marathon (a very hilly marathon) in 5 days time... 
I think my shin/side of calf problem is my Tibilais Posterior or Flexor Digitorum/Hallucis Longus revolting against me because it seems to be worse with plantarflexion but I can't really get to them myself to try and work it out.  I wish I could do acupuncture because I feel like having some needles stuck in there could really help.
I have a theory that since my dreaded posterior tibial stress fracture in 2009 and subsequent 4 months off running, I have become less of a heel striker which has in turn loaded up my calves but they are not strong enough to take it.  So I have started doing heel raises but it is too late to see any change before the weekend.
I am seeing my go-to man Graeme White - physio extraordinaire, tomorrow and will just do the dreaded pool running up until the weekend and hope that things hold together...  Is this what getting old is all about?!

Spring has sprung!
Daffodil safe from the neighbours thieving fingers...

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