Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Jo training 16 August - 28 August


Swimming, swimming, swimming.
Well I did miss one swim because of a bit of an annoying cough/sniffles, but lucky I missed that day because apparently the pool was only 25 degrees brrrrrrrrrrr!
Without getting too excited I think that the swim block in Aussie has made me a bit faster - OMG! My go-to pace seems to be about 5sec quicker so I am doing my best to make the most of it and not slack off.
I have even started doing a few exercises to up my shoulder strength, including push ups (lady push ups of course), I can do 2x10!!!!


Not quite the 518kms of Aussie but getting out in the cold was quite an achievement in itself.  Got back on the Poo Power Program but TapTaps hub battery went dead and couldn't be changed for a few days which made doing any efforts a bit pointless.
I suddenly had an epiphany the other day that my aero bars are far too long.  RooRoo looks like it has antlers and there is about 7cm from where my little hand rests to the shifter.  So I convinced the Managers of Muppetry that the bars need to be chopped.  So after a bit of chopping and filing the cables were ready to go back in which is where the problem started.  The front derailleur cable was getting stuck which turned out to be due to the guide tube inside the frame having a spack attack.  I thought RooRoo's time might be up but luckily Andrew at Hot Cycles (who is the man) found a way to get in and get things working.  Phew.
My short little bars are awesome though and I feel like a real cyclist without antlers.
Oh my, what short bars you have RooRoo - all the better to be aero with my dear...

I thought my running was going quite well until I did a pretty average 5km O'Hagan's race and then an even more average Cambridge Half Marathon.  I am not even going to say what my half time because it is so bad.  But it did include a brief splatter on the ground when my ankle just decided to roll over nothing and I face-planted on the road - nothing that I'm not used to anyway.
Not that impressive but more impressive than nothing
I have done my last long run for The Legend so will head out for a bit of a course reccie this weekend which will give me a good idea of how painful it is going to be... 
Mancave action at the Cambridge Triathlon Institute

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