Sunday, September 18, 2011

Big Jo training Sept 12 - Sept 18

A weekly update - oh my! I had planned to resume weekly updating at the start of September so it has taken a while but I have made it back...



Longest swim of 5.9km this week - you may ask why I didn't just do an extra 100m to make the full 6km but it was in a 33.3m pool and its so hard to keep track of distance... The bulk of the swim was in the squad and I thought I had kept count of how far I had gone but underestimated it slightly and it wasn't till I added it up later that I realized I was closer to 6km than I thought.
Anyhoo I think I shall use the squad for my long swim for a while because it makes swimming in the arctic pool a bit more bearable, I just have to suck it up and keep swimming till I reach 5.5-6km after everyone has gotten out.


Have been a bit slack and haven't downloaded TapTap for a while so not sure of the weekly total but it was probably pretty average.  The weather has become a little bit unpredictable and I even had to crank out some efforts on the windtrainer to avoid the squally storms and gale-force winds earlier in the week.  I think its about the 2nd or 3rd time I have used my windtrainer this winter so its not too bad.


Exciting news - I got my very own Gayman!!
Not so exciting news - I was a DNS for The Legend Marathon... :(
I have had a niggly shin/deep calf pain for the last couple of weeks which kind of came to a head after my long run last Saturday, it's never been anything bad but just there even when I am walking around.
I had some physio and was dealing it myself and didn't run at all during the week.  By the end of the week I wasn't noticing it with everyday stuff so I strapped it up and headed out for a 10min trot to test it and to test out the new Gayman.  It was sore from the first step - not super sore but definitely there.  Most importantly I broke in the Gayman with a 4.38 km so the standard has been set :)
After that I felt like I had set myself back at least 3 days of rest and was back to fidgey-widgeyness with walking.  I fretted about it all night and decided to start the race and pull out after the first loop (7km) if it was no good, but in my heart I think I knew it wasn't going to go away so at about 3.30am I made the decision not to even start the race.  I had my gear all laid out and everything so it was pretty gutting.
If this race had have been my one and only then I would have given it a go but with all I want to do this triathlon season I know that I made the right decision and the ghost of Kona certainly helped me to make up my mind.  It certainly wasn't a decision made lightly and a few tears were shed and I had a headache for the most part of the day from thinking so hard.
I don't there is anything too major happening in my leg - tib post is certainly a bit incy-wincy and judging by the way it presented with running I suspect there could be a bit of periostitis where tib post is attaching to the tibia.  I wonder if the area below where I had my Kona stress fracture is now under a bit of extra stress due to the massive bony callous which formed to heal the fracture.  But I'll just take it as it comes and start right away with the pool running and hopefully be back on the road to show my Gayman whose boss in a couple of weeks.
On a more positive note, my friend Mikki had a stellar race to come in as 2nd lady - yay Mikki!
1st and 2nd Melissa and Mikki - clearly good runners have names with start with M


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