Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big Jo training Jan 31 - Feb 6


1 x squad
3 x sea/lake swim
1x pool swim


A bit of mix of swimming this week with Stroke and Stride and the Kohi Summer Swim. Stroke and Stride was a 750m swim and awful.  It was a long run from the beach which is not really my forte and then I just sucked for the rest of it.  I got beaten out by a few old ladies and people who are NEVER near me out of the water, it was terrible. I don't know what my problem was.  So I had quite a bit of work to do in the 4km but it wasn't long enough for me to get anywhere near the front part of the field. Shame.
And then I was almost just as sucky the next night at the Kohi race.
I got a couple of tips from Kezzle-Anne down in Taupo so am making a concerted effort to keep my head down and a few others things, and just generally praying for a miracle.


Time: 13hrs 29
Distance: 376km
Annoying boyfriends: 1

Big ride on the IMNZ course on Saturday. We did one full loop and then a 2/3 lap, and thank goodness that was all because the wind picked up on the way back and it got a bit gnarly.  There were heaps of people out on the bike course mostly by themselves but a few big bunches of tri-geeks on their TT bikes. I really don't understand the point of this if you are training for Ironman, our little group tootled along together for the first 20mins or so and then we settled into our Ironman pace, I'm sure I could have cruised along right up Kezzle's bum if I'd wanted to but that doesn't seem like very good Ironman training to me.  So all these little groups will think they are awesome because they rode the course in 5hrs and then will suck on race day because they have to ride by themselves. ARGH.  And then men who tried to draft off me on the course were even more annoying.
Rant over.
Anyways it was a good ride and I stuck to my power and tried all my gear out for the big day.  Now if someone could lend me a pair of 650c Powertap Zipps with Campag then I'll be all set...
A happy little pootle on the run course


Exciting news for the week is the use of my dear friend Lesbo's Garmin (from hereon referred to as Gayman) 110.  Makes running so much more exciting, not so good for my OCD though. It drives me mental if my average pace starts with a 5 so maybe I'll be leaving it at home for recovery jogs...  I did my long run for the week on the IMNZ course on Monday (technically for next weeks blog but I know you can't all wait that long...). I had set my pace and with the use of my trusty Gayman I was able to lock it in.  I did 25km, so managed a lap and a little bit of the course, a few issues with blisters/foot chaffage but otherwise it was all good. The rest of the week's running was pretty sedate apart from the 4km dash at Stroke and Stride.

Our quaint acommodation.  Looks like the final scene out of The Girl Who Played with Fire
Our quaint mode of travel thanks to our dear friend Neilio. Thanks Neilio :)
X5 stacked up. Cool people in the back.

Kezzle giving us something to look at in our swim the next day.
Followed by a serious game of putt-putt
Followed by some serious eating.

Compression time in the cyber-cafe. Is that a muffin-top I see?
Compression time in town, socks and jandals and all. I think Kezzle-Anne forgot to put on his pants
I completed the compression trio making a full range of compression leg-wear

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